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Preventative Accountability is like being the Quaterback in a pre-play huddle, before you line yourself up against the opposition, who are looking to take you down, you tell your teammates what your play is. 

  • We live in a world filled with great moral opposition and we are going head to head against a strong foe who has years of experience and skill at demolishing its opposition. 

  • We are not to live in fear but in the reality that this world is Satans playground and the ones Satan loves to bully and tackle the most are believers. 

  • Satan wants to tackle you on every play and he plays extremely dirty.

    • You go to a hotel by yourself, he's there to lure and entice you with porn movies and prostitutes

    • Your home alone with open access to the internet, TV, smartphones, etc... he's there ready to show you whatever you want and much, much more

    • You go to a video store, he's ready to walk you down the aisle

    • You take a drive downtown late at night, he's there to give you a good time








Preventative Accountability in Action,

  • Phone, RTRIBE Message or Text once or more throughout your day as needed. 

  • Be real and honest through RTRIBE some of the triggers you are experiencing lately and or typically and how you can be proactive together in staying clear of them.

  • Share with each other what you are reading in the Word, listening to in a sermon or reading about Gods truth in a book each day. Share scripture verses or words of encouragement together

  • Meet weekly to discuss the questions found under Recourses titled Group Questions, or discuss other things related to your spiritual walk and purity journey this week.








Preventative Accountability Examples

  • When going to a sports game where you know there will be cheerleaders wearing provocative clothing, contact your accountability partner and pray for strength together before going into the game; choose to read scripture on your phone each time they come onto the field, and make sure to ask your accountability partner to follow up with you after the game. 

    • Be honest with those in your group if you are having a hard time letting go of some of the images you saw, the guys are there to help you process and talk them out, this is a great way to minimize there arousal influence. 

  • When your wife is going away for the evening or weekend tell your accountability partner and ask for followup. Talk before hand about your use of cable and the internet and make a commitment to not give in to the temptation to search where you know you shouldn't.

  • When you see something that sets off the trigger of arousal, let the guys know and talk about it to decrease its hold on your thoughts.

  • If you are going away to a hotel for the night on a business trip by yourself, discuss with your accountability partner before hand about what measures you are going to take to remain pure.

    • agree to send them a copy of the hotel receipt to show you didn't rent any inappropriate movies.


There are many examples you can consider to help prevent you and your accountability partner(s) from sin. Preventative Accountability gives you the full potential to flee all temptation and help provide a way of escape at all times. The key in all this is being intentional to live righteous before God, keeping yourself from sin and giving Him all the glory in doing so.

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