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Xtreme Purity is a proud supporter and affiliate of Covenant Eyes. Ron DeHaas is the creator CE's and we had the priviledge of meeting Ron and hear his story at the 2016 Set Free Summit. Ron has taken the tragedy of losing his wife and two young children in a horrific auto accident in 1992, into a legacy of helping people glorify God through their purity.

 to receive your first month of Covenant Eyes free through Xtreme Purity.


What if you could send a report of your Internet activity to a friend or mentor so you could talk about where you struggle online? What if they saw the sites you visit, the YouTube videos you watch, and the search terms you use? How would this change how you use the Internet? How would it help you lead by example?

Our Personal Accounts, which are designed for individuals or couples without kids, start at $10.99 per month for Internet Accountability. That includes unlimited Accountability Partners and highly customizable Reports! You can even add Filtering or add an additional user for a greatly discounted price.

One Report. All Your Devices.


Do you go online using more than one device? Don’t worry, Covenant Eyes will not charge you per machine, so install Covenant Eyes on all the devices you use, like your Mac, your iPhone, or your Kindle Fire HD. As long as you’re signed into the Covenant Eyes software, your Internet activity will show up on one single Internet Accountability Report.

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