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TRUTH - Every day, grab your Bible, listen to a sermon online, work through a solid discipleship book; do SOMETHING to allow God's awesome truth to penetrate your mind and your heart. Truth is your only destroyer of deception!

(Ps 119:9 "How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to Your Word.")

PRAYER  - No relationship is built in silence. God loves to hear from us in every moment of our journey. If David, who deeply loved God and struggled with sin and temptation, felt free and welcomed to come before God again and again in prayer....then know that God is listening and ready at all times, and in all moments to hear and talk with you. 

CLEANING HOUSE You MUST remove all access to anything triggering you and/or leading you to temptation and acting out. Look at all routes you have taken to access pornography and all roads that have triggered your thoughts to go where you know you must not, and cut them off. If you have apps, websites, videos, images, magazines, phone numbers, etc... that provide you access to acting out, they must be removed and all roads closed. 

(Matt 5:30 "If your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away")

Covenant Eyes - You MUST put Covenant Eye's on all devices you have access to. It is a small cost for all that it does and an essentail tool in the battle. Covenant Eyes provides you with both options of accountability and filtering. In those moments when you are weakest and you feel like you want to cave in, Covenant Eyes speaks a voice of reasoning into your thoughts, "Do I really want to do this?" Helping you confront the issue of secret sin. (click             to sign up and recieve our first month free)

                               - RTRIBE is an amazing app bringing accountability to a whole new technological level. With RTribe you will check-in daily to the group for support, encouragment and accountability. Through RTribe you have the ability to share immediately if you are feeling triggered and to recieve the help and support from others in the group right away. If you trip up you will be able to track what lead you to act out and when in the day you find it harder to resist. This will help your support team know how to best help you in your victory going forward. RTRIBE transforms your smartphone from an access to sin to a gateway to victory and recovery.

(To sign up and for more details click            .) 

SUPPORT GROUPI would not be where I am today without fellow men who called me brother. My key moments of needed change in my life came through the love of those who cared enough to be honest with me. Christ meets us most through His people. Through community. Through honesty we find freedom and recovery, neglecting this will keep you in your sin and rob you of your victory in Christ. You MUST be in a support group of peers you can call upon & walk with daily and weekly using RTribe, Covenant Eyes and meeting together. 

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